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Industrial lifting systems and accessories

Our company has thirty years of experience in the field of plant engineering for industrial lifting to ensure the best efficiency, safety and efficiency of your plants.

This kind of plant building has always been of primary importance for the industry as it is clear that most of the production processes are managed by equipment that lift, move and move.
We specialize in installation, maintenance, repair equipment and lifting accessories.

We guarantee a specialized service in the care of the efficiency of the plants, thanks to the preventive control that puts in safety the working environments and avoids periods of plant downtime that can cause slow down to the production.
Wiring & Lifting aims to support you at every stage of the plant life cycle.

If you need a new system

The experience gained allows us to involve the entire production sector of the plant: from the basic design to the construction and commissioning with the drafting of the relevant certification in accordance with the law. Our consultants will provide you with the most appropriate solutions to have an optimal plant in relation to your needs and your objectives, always ensuring the best quality of each of our products.

If you have a fault

We are well aware that a failure of the lifting system is often heavy on company productivity and that is why we guarantee a prompt intervention to easily remedy malfunctions.

If you want to prevent implant malfunctions

Even with normal and correct use, a device is subject to wear and tear that over time can cause a malfunction, all this can be prevented with maintenance operations during which our technicians will not only check that everything is working smoothly, but they will replace the worn components in time, remove any accumulation of dirt, check the oil and lubricants.

If you need help to have plants that comply with the law

Unwinding between the various regulations on safety takes time and commitment to the continuation of normal business, we are able to take on this task, our consultants will be available to plan the preventive maintenance operations as required by the legislation by drawing up a report indicating the anomalies and proposing any repair, adjustments etc... In addition, we will keep you up to date on the new safety legislation so that you do not have to worry about incurring unpleasant penalties in the event of checks by the agencies in charge.

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Design and sale of solutions and equipment for lifting and moving industrial loads.
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