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Chain hoist

It is defined as the most common type of hoist, considering that most industrial needs for lifting require chain hoists with a capacity between 125 and 2000 kg ( on this type of hoist the available capacities are up to 5000 kg).

This vertical lifting unit consists of a gear system which, manually or electrically operated, allows the vertical lifting of a load anchored to the hook. The hoist, which performs only the lifting, is then generally fixed to the trolley on a crane able to move the load along an arm to meet the processing and/or storage needs in the work area.


  • Manual chain hoists: The manual chain hoist uses a gear system to multiply the force exerted by the operator and thus lift very heavy loads quickly and safely. The hand hoist, while allowing the lifting of large loads, allows you to make fairly slow movements and that is why it is chosen only for sporadic lifting activities, such as in the case of repair of heavy equipment, external or internal maintenance, or when it is not possible to use electricity.
  • Electric chain hoists: The electric chain hoist combines power with quick lifting without requiring any effort from the operator. It is the most requested and most installed configuration on both flag cranes and suspended plants, always ensuring high productivity and ease of use. It is available with single or double lifting speed, with suspension hook, push trolley or electric trolley.
  • Pneumatic chain hoists: For those who do not have or cannot use electricity, but still have to lift large loads, we recommend the pneumatic hoist. This compressed-air hoist has an intrinsic safety, essential for those looking for an explosion-proof hoist to eliminate the risk of explosion.

Chain hoist Chain hoist Chain hoist

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Chain hoist
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